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The Terms and Conditions regulate the access to and the use of the site. Please read them carefully before using the site.

latest updated: 2021
This website: www.liviumihai.com is presented as author / owner/ administrator / by Liviu Mihai.

Accepting this Terms and Conditions Document
By accessing and use the website or by purchasing the services herein you agree with this Terms and Conditions document, with no alterations or amendments.
By not accepting these terms and conditions, the visitors and / or users are not permitted to access and/or use the website www.liviumihai.com.
By accessing and navigating this website, the users implicitly accept the terms and conditions described herein.
The persons using the website will have permanent access to the conditions and terms of use that can be referred to at any time.
Amendment of the Terms and Conditions document

Liviu Mihai reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time. The amended Terms and Conditions document shall be published on Liviu Mihai websites with a new revision date, allowing you to identify the amendments. By continuing to access and use the website as of the publication date, you agree with the amendments and accept the revisions of the Terms and Conditions document. Please visit this section periodically to review the terms and conditions you agreed to comply with.

Liviu Mihai also reserves the right to interrupt or to amend or update the website and the contents hereof, at any time and with no prior notification to the users.

Use of the Website
Liviu Mihai allows you to use the contents of the website only for personal use and not for commercial purposes. The use of the website for any commercial purposes (including, but without being limited to, the use on other websites or network environments) is strictly forbidden. In case you made copies of the contents hereof, you shall keep the copyright and / or other industrial and intellectual property rights that might be included in the original content on/ in the copies thereof. If no other specifications are stipulated, you are strictly forbidden from reproducing, transmitting, printing, publishing and distributing the contents of the website or of any part hereof, unless upon the prior permission of the owner Liviu Mihai.
Unauthorized Use of the Website
You are forbidden from using the website Liviu Mihai (including, but without being limited to: the contents and / or services provided by the website):

  1. in any way that breaches the laws, regulations and / or any other national and international norms and regulations;
  2. to disturb the websites, servers or networks related to the websites Liviu Mihai;
  3. to act as other persons or entities, or to otherwise forge your identity;
  4. to harass or otherwise prejudice any other person.

Furthermore, you have the obligation of not using data collection and extraction methods on the websites of Liviu Mihai or to attempt to obtain an unauthorized access to any part of the websites www.liviumihai.com or any other network, account, computer or link to the websites Liviu Mihai by hacking, or by any other means.
Liability Limitations related to the Website Contents
Any information, including, but without being limited to: texts, images, graphics, links and other contents included on the website, are provided: “as such” and “as available”.

Liviu Mihai shall make all the efforts (from the technical point of view or otherwise) to ensure the proper functioning of the website; however, there might be interruptions in the operation, or user access difficulties for indefinite periods, caused by any reasons whatsoever. www.liviumihai.com shall not be held liable for the damages caused by the temporary unavailability of the website, whatever the reason thereof. This provision also includes the damages resulting from data damaging or loss. The client agrees to guaranty and confirm our exemption from liability in relation to any claims, damages, including, but without being limited to, damages caused to third parties, resulting from the use of the services causing damages to our client. We reserve the right to refuse any client who, by his/her actions or behavior affects or prejudices Liviu Mihai or www.liviumihai.com in any way.

We shall not be held liable for any dysfunctionalities or issues occurred in the functionality of a product, domain or service, caused by a third party responsible for the relevant issue in his/her quality of owner or direct beneficiary of the product, domain or service.

Liviu Mihai shall take all the reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy and validity of the information provided on the websites www.liviumihai.com. However, as the policies, terms, prices and information are permanently changing, www.liviumihai.com reserves the right to amend at any time, with no prior notification,  the information on this website and shall not make guaranties or representations in relation to the accurateness thereof.

The external links are provided as a curtesy to the users, Liviu Mihai does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accurateness or contents of the related websites.
Personal-Sensitive Data Processing
All the personal-sensitive data provided or collected through the website, or in relation to the website, shall be treated according to the terms of Liviu Mihai Privacy Policy and this Terms and Conditions document is subject to Liviu Mihai Privacy Policy, published hereon.
The copyright and all the property rights related to the contents of www.liviumihai.com fully belong to Liviu Mihai and / or his partners or licensors. All the rights herein expressly granted are reserved.
Jurisdiction / Dispute Settlement
This Terms and Conditions document is governed by the laws in force on the Romanian territory, according to the European Union laws. In case of court settlements, according to this document, the courts with jurisdiction in relation thereto are the courts in Bucharest, Romania.
Invalid Provisions of the Terms and Conditions
If individual provisions of these participation conditions become invalid, void or in case there are unintentional regulating omissions, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions herein. The invalid, void or omitted provisions shall be replaced by others as close as possible to the purpose of the contract and to the legal provisions.
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