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Exhibition: Marilyn and the pink dog 2021

"Marilyn and the Pink Dog"

Text: Ana Daniela Sultana

"Interested in established aesthetic landmarks in contemporary art, Liviu Mihai renders in his visual discourse surprising landscapes, deer that seem to be detached from the wall carpets, historical personalities, respectively female icons – such as Marilyn Monroe – or hunting greyhounds (hence the title of the exhibition). Seemingly random, these unique associations of subjects denote not only a vast thematic diversity, but also a broad perspective on the surrealist-inspired imaginary of the artist. Placed on abstract backgrounds, the narrative sequences in Liviu Mihai’s compositions present characters whose faces are not, most of the times, clearly distinguished but which refer to the collective unconscious.

In his artistic practice, characterized by rich symbolism and intense colors, Liviu Mihai approaches a kind of pop-art painting completed by collage inserts, while the universe of his artistic creation is determined by portraiture, zoomorphic representations, as well as things or events that inspire him.

The selection of works includes recent pieces from the last three years, some of them, of smaller dimensions, being made this year, in Greece, in the style that the artist has developed and refined over more than two decades of creation.

Through this new personal exhibition, Liviu Mihai assembles, with the meticulousness of a goldsmith, visual frames through which we can access a society increasingly persuaded and monopolized by fashion, patterns and icons.".

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