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"Despite his youth, Liviu Mihai already has a promising career which announces a future marked by powerful creativity and very original natural talent polished in the context of the spiritual modernity of globalization.

Born in Slatina, he attended the Art School in Craiova and later the Bucharest National University of Arts. This is the initiation journey of a child who has always wanted to paint.

While irremediably in love with easel painting, he can easily create worlds of unbound imagination, using the astounding techniques of digital graphic art. He gets the best of both worlds: whether he uses digital visual techniques or the skillful and inspired brush stroke of oil, acrylic, pastel or watercolor painting or charcoal, ink or the basic pencil drawing, there is no limit to his art.

His graphic talent and his knowledge of the rules of the chromatic game recommend him as an artist whose future influence on the art world will undoubtedly be a far-reaching one. His highly modern approaches to classic themes are illustrated by one of his recent projects, F-line, a work about the mysteriousness of femininity as expressed by the beautiful forms of those endowed with public recognition and fame as stars.

This programmatic statement by Liviu Mihai makes us look forward to his future works and exhibitions."

Ana Câmpean

- Art critic -

Liviu Mihai Phone: +4-0765.582.546
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